Sunday, November 29, 2015

Kansas Vacation 2015 Wrap Up

We absolutely loved our time in Kansas year.  We didn’t have much on our agenda, and I ordered almost everything we needed to stock up on so we didn’t have to do much shopping, which is very stressful if you need something specific and can't find it.

We got to do some things we really love.  Marvin got to hit the golf course multiple times and  I got to wander around Target for a couple of hours in peace with a snuggley Drew nestled in the Ergo next to me. 

We even squeezed in a couple of dates, we ate at our favorite places in Manhattan and enjoyed a drive at sunset through campus.  That place is so beautiful and always brings back so many memories.

Kansas certainly is pretty and refreshes both our hearts.  What a gift to be able to walk on its soil again.

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