Wednesday, November 25, 2015

1st 4 months

I can’t believe this little guy isn't so little anymore.  Time flies, and I’ve been soaking up all his smallness I can.  As being our youngest and last it’s made me hold him a bit longer, give him extra kisses, rock him a few extra minutes each night.  These days are precious and I'm getting more and more sentimental as I see my babies grow!

One Month-

By Month One this little guy had traveled across the Atlantic, and did great.  We discovered in the states that he was not a fan of his car seat and really let us know his opinion about that silly contraption.  We were very thankful we decided to fly to Minneapolis for the wedding.  I can’t imagine how miserable that trip would have been with his screaming.  There seriously were only a handful of times he didn’t scream his head off when we got into the car.  At one month Drew you were 11 #s and 24 inches.  You really stretched out this month.

Two Months-
Month two you crossed the Atlantic again.  Got a few shots before returning to home, poor baby.  You were 24 ½ inches long.  You’ve grown 4 ½ inches since birth. And you were 12lbs.  99% for height and 55% for weight.  You aren’t a chunky little baby like Micah and Judah were, but you are outgrowing your clothes quickly due to your length, already in 3-6 month clothing.  You started smiling this month and are quick to share your grin with anyone.  I love it.

Three months
This month you finally started sleeping in your crib vs. in my arms or in the Ergo.  Hooray for this giant milestone, you made your Mama's life so much easier.  You are my little charmer, and you love all the ladies who hold you while we wait for your brothers at school.  You are a pretty flexible little guy, and even though I have to wake you up to go somewhere you usually give me a big grin when you see me.  You’ve rolled over both ways this past month and started to reach for your toys.  Whether I like it or not you’ve found your thumb and it seems to calm you down and helps you sleep better.  You are weighing in at 13# and 8 oz. and 25.5 inches long.

Four months
You can no longer be contained on a blanket.  You are rolling everywhere, and have even escaped our little floor travel bed.  You’ve decided you prefer to sleep on your tummy and as soon I put you in your bed you roll right on over and get comfy.  You've continued to be a flexible baby and due to our crazy schedule you take a long, long afternoon nap, due to being woken up or napping on the go in the morning.  You love to watch people, especially your brothers. you've become quite vocal and coo and grin at anyone.  You're still not a chunky baby, but you outgrew your 3-6 month sleepers this month. #14 pounds

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