Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Making Room

We live in a 2 bedroom apartment which means we will have all 4 boys in the same room eventually.

Drew’s currently bunking with us until he's sleeping through the night and his big brother Judah is not a danger to him.  Plus Judah's still in the crib and until he starts escaping I'm not in any hurry to give him extra freedome.  :)

However we knew we needed to make some changes in their room.  We had a couple of OLD beds that were the landlords.  Their room worked but was always a mess.  We had a wardrobe in there that just didn’t work for the kids, it was big, and dark inside.  It was always a mess.  We decided we wanted to keep their room a place of peace and only wanted to keep a few toddler toys in there for when Judah needed to play downstairs.  So we ordered a few things from IKEA.  We love it!  The boys love it!  Win! Win!

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Whenever Drew moves in we’ll get a loft bed and transition Judah to the bottom bunk.  But given his affection towards Drew it might be a while.
Marvin had blisters from putting all of it together.  He's glad he has a long break before any more furniture needs to be built.

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