Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Well hello there

We’re in a slightly crazy season of life right now.  Our little family keeps me busy.  Micah keeps me on my toes and then there is the usual cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping that tends to take up so much more time here.  Top of all that with our job here, it’s no wonder why I’m so exhausted and fall asleep in 2 seconds every night.

This exhaustion hasn’t given me much time to plan for this new little guy (or blog for that matter).  We’ve taken on the mentality that it will just come together when he gets here, for now I’m concentrating on studying and speaking as much as I can before he arrives.  I know it will be much more difficult once he gets here.

I got a sneak peak of our littlest one a few weeks ago.  It was such a blessing to be able to watch this active little guy move and wiggle, rub his eyes, play with his hands.

So after my sneak peak I couldn’t help but wonder what this little guy is going to be like?  Will he be like Calvin or Micah or his own person?  What his quirks will be, what things will he love, what things will make him giggle?  I’m so thankful for advances in technology that gave me this little glimpse of the little one who loves to stretch and kick inside my belly.

I can’t believe he’ll be in our arms in just a few short months, this pregnancy is really going by very quickly, almost too quickly.  Regardless I’m excited to meet him and so thankful that he’s healthy and I’ve had a so far mostly normal pregnancy.

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