Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lesson learned

Calvin is an intense kid.  He plays hard.  Dives into projects with his full attention on them and gives them all he’s got.  He works at things until they are perfect.

He also feels things very intensely.  He gets very excited and now we’re working on how to handle strong emotions better and to not sin during them.  So one day he was pretty upset when he lost some privileges, couldn’t handle himself so I had him go to my bed and take a nap.  Long story short we ended up with a broken window that afternoon.

He’s been getting some spending money if he helps with some extra jobs around the house and he decided he wanted to buy a Lego guy with all his money.  Unfortunately we had to take away all the money he had been saving to replace the broken window.  He was crushed.  But it was a good learning lesson for him.  Although his piggy bank is pretty bare right now I think this taught him a little bit about controlling his emotions a little better.  We’ll see.

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kellie j. said...

Oh wow, that's tough. Good job mama! He's learning early that his actions have consequences. You guys are doing a good job guiding him and teaching him to not sin!