Wednesday, April 18, 2012

40 Carrots

Calvin’s been coming up with a few things we don’t want to forget.

Recently he’s been curious about this new baby growing in my belly.  One day he asked, “When Micah was a baby in your tummy, did he go potty in your belly?”

I of course told him yes, to which he replied with his eyebrows raised, “Ewe that’s kind of disgusting.”

We decorated cookies for our neighbors and Calvin usually averages about 4 cookies when we decorate them.  This day was a struggle, he really just wanted to eat the first cookie he made.  He did spend a long time on it and used all three colors of frosting and lots of sprinkles.  He got stuck on cookie #3 and only wanted to eat the first one.  Finally he just said, “Mama I lost my focus, and I don’t know where I put it.” 

I’m always amazed at how different his play is from what I remember doing as a child.  His world is very different from my Kansas childhood.

We had some friends come to visit and I was amazed at how well they played airport.  From baggage handlers, to boarding passes, to taxi drivers, they had it covered.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t know anything about flying at the age of 4.

He’s been very into a local show when translated is called “Funny Balloons.”  Apparently he's been reenacting a scene from the show recently.  He’s been playing Sorok Markov (40 Carrots) a lot. He takes his cart and wheels it around the house with his “carrots” (various toys) selling carrots.  It cracks us up.  Growing up I never inspired to be a carrot vendor.  How about you?

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