Saturday, April 14, 2012


I made a quick trip to Istanbul for a doctor’s appointment.  It was a great trip; I packed it with seeing as many friends as I could.  I came back home with my heart full but exhausted.

My balance is all out of whack.  The day before I left I fell out of a mini bus, holding Micah and groceries.  I twisted my ankle and our usual 5 minute walk from the bus stop home took me 40 minutes. Thankfully the Lord allowed me to walk the next day, which made flying much easier, but it was still very swollen and sore.

I successfully got to several places by buses in Istanbul without the help of my GPS, aka Marvin.

I’ve been working on storytelling skills in a different language; it’s hard and has been stretching my language skills to the max.  I’m hoping it will help grow my ability to explain things in more details.

Spring has officially arrived!!!!

It’s amazing how we went from snow.

To mud

To dust in a just two short weeks. 

Our weather has been gorgeous and I’ve been soaking up all the sunshine before the rainy days of spring hit and the pollen revs up.

I love fresh flowers in the spring time.  I also love that someone is always gathering a handful for me.

Our heat is still on in our building, full blast.  Which means our apartment is SO hot.  It wouldn’t be so bad if we could open our windows, but with our crazy climber open windows make me nervous.

Someone learned how to climb out of the pack and play.  He’s so close to climbing out of his bed.  So our little guy is back in his sleep sack to prevent the climbing out of the bed, he loves it. 

Someone else has decided he doesn’t like many, many things.  Things he ate well just weeks before he refuses to touch.  So we’ve tried a few things, the most torturous of all is…. eating alone.  This day that strategy backfired.

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