Wednesday, April 11, 2012


It’s amazing how my belly has grown so much in the last month.  I’ve started noticing it’s more difficult to bend over to pick up things off the floor, which isn’t great because I spend a large bulk of the day picking things up off of the floor.

Calvin’s been such a sweet little guy helping me.  The other day he helped me carry a juice in from the balcony and said that he had to be a helper so that his new baby stays safe.  He’s really excited about having another sibling and sometimes takes his big brother responsibilities very serious.

I was able to take a quick trip to Istanbul to see the doctor a couple weeks ago.  I was thankful for that visit, and it looks like everything is going great.  I passed my glucose loading test, but I’m trying limit sweets and breads just in case.  With Micah I know something was wrong, even if my tests all came back fine.  I’ve just dealt with my usual barrage of pregnancy problems, so if I keep getting regular analyasis and everything looks fine I should be able to leave at 36 weeks as planned.  This is such a relief because it means Marvin can travel with us, he'll get back from his trip just a couple days before we need to head to Istanbul.

Week 21

Week 25

I’m very visibly pregnant, and I haven't had to wear my winter coat, so it’s even more visiable.  So if our neighbors were wondering before now, they for sure know now. 

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Michelle said...

You look fantastic! I can relate to the difficulty in picking things (or toddlers) up off the floor! I was so happy to be able to bend over normally after having Noel!