Thursday, April 12, 2012

This kid

Oh my do I love this guy

He’s so determined.

I forgot how difficult the toddler stage is. It’s hard to teach and correct a child who quickly forgets.

We’ve been putting him in his bed when he throw things or hits people.  I’m hoping this will tame our little bull, but it’s exhausting some days.

We’ve decided to try and potty train him once we get to Istanbul this summer.  We’ll have some free time before the baby arrives and we will be free of some of our normal responsibilities.  He’s showing some interest in using the toilet but right now I don’t have time for it.  

Anyone have any good books/systems they used?  He’ll be 20 months.

We’ve decided his love language is physical touch.  So when I’m frustrated with him, we’ll spend some time wrestling, or just squeeze him tight and it makes the day much, much better.  He’ll often come up behind me if I’m sitting on the bed and throw his arms around my neck and try to pull my backwards.  He loves wrestling more than Calvin ever did.

This little fella has a love for animals and it makes his day to see a cat or dog.  Serious excited giggles are heard.  I love it.

My days rocking this little man to sleep are over.  He’s way to wiggly for my belly these days and seems to be happy snuggling with his blanket in bed.  I’m a little sad that I don’t have the peaceful time with him a couple times a day. 

He’s growing up and I wish he’d stop doing it so quickly.

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