Thursday, April 19, 2012


My little bookworm has been devouring books recently.  I’ve loved it.  We’ve spent lots of time reading during Micah’s naps and in the evenings.  The other day, when their room exploded, he even crawled through the window to the balcony to get some new books.  He’s hungry for literature right now, although we did have a talk about the appropriate way to get new books out of the balcony.

Calvin’s still enjoying his reading program and generally begs me to do it, which helps me get it done when I’m exhausted.  Some days it’s tough to slow him down, as he wants to do multiple lessons, but I want to make sure he knows it before we move on. So I’ve tried to add in more school things to our day.

I’m hoping to add a read aloud chapter book in next.  Any suggestions of books your kids have loved?  I think it will be the perfect way to wind down in the evenings.

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Terri H said...

Gabe has listened to The Chronicles of Narnia, The Mouse and the Motorcycle (et al), and The Littles (and others I can't remember) with Daddy. Right now he and I are reading through Little House on the Prairie and every day he wants to hear a Mrs. Piggle Wiggle story from our collection.

Yay for bookworms! What reading program are you using?