Monday, December 20, 2010

@ free

What a little ball of energy you are at 3, or as you say "free"!  We've so enjoyed watching you grow this year.  I decided to jot down a few of my favorite memories of you this year:

-Your language literally exploded, one day you were only saying a few words, the next day you were talking in complete sentences from the time you woke up until the time you fell asleep.  You've certainly amused us with your stories and communicating how you see the world.

-We love your laugh, and love it when we can laugh together,which is often.  You've even attempted making your own jokes.

-You are still a little snuggle bug.  I love our time reading books together and our one minutes at night.  I love how over the course of this year you are now able to "read" a few favorites on your own.

-The entire day you are busy, usually moving, it's such a joy watching you bounce, run, play soccer, or "ice skate"(which is wearing your pooh slippers and using the shoe horn as your stick). 

-What a little builder you have become.  You still love anything you must figure out how to put together.  Friends rocked your world when they gave you Duplos, they are one of your favorite toys this year.  Other favorite toys this year include:  your soccer ball, puzzles, Candy Land and about a month before you turned 3 you developed an obsession for playing with anything with wheels.

-The great outdoors calls your name and you love to be outside, although you weren't too excited about getting bundled up to go outside during the winter.  This past year you've honed in on your snail finding ability and it literally amazes us at how you can spot them so easily.  You love rocks, and sticks and most days want to bring a few you have collected indoors. 

-I would say you are an introvert who loves people.  You are shy around those you do not know, you observe first and once they've become a friend they would never know you are an introvert.  You particularly love it when people come to your house and play.

-Your imagination has grown this year.  It's developed from pretending to eat play food, but really wanting to put it in your mouth, to developing stories through your play, evening creating an imaginary playmate, Pooh. You and pooh do a lot together but one of your favorite things to do is to play soccer together.

-Your our little artist and love to draw and paint. Some days you sure fly through paper.  You've become interested in your letters, you are particularly fond of the letter A as you write it the most.

-Your counting skills have improved significantly and until you usually will count to 14 without a problem and can remember how many of that item you have counted.

-Physically you're bigger now, weighing 30.5 lbs at 3 years and standing tall at 38 inches.

I can't believe how quickly 3 years has passed.  Thanks for growing with us this past year.

We Love you so much.
Mommy and Daddy.

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