Sunday, December 19, 2010

just another crazy flight

So traveling back home to Nineveh is always an adventure…………you never know what might happen. Our flight time had been bumped up and when I got into line at the airport in Istanbul it went very smoothly, I didn't have to wait very long and fellow passengers helped me with my luggage. I cleared customs grabbed a bite to eat and fed Micah, checked into my gate and the plane arrived and it seemed like we would leave close to our departure time, which rarely happens. The flight home went well, it was a full flight but the ladies who helped me check my bags sat right next to me. They held Micah as I filled out my immigration card and we started to descend, then we landed, and we taxied for a long time. (My first clue we weren't in Nineveh because our airport is tiny.) I looked over and could see the pizza place we usually stop at when we travel to see friends. Then the yelling began....oh my, we weren't in Nineveh, we couldn't land there due to fog and we were to wait on the plane until it lifted.

So the waiting began and the yelling went in waves. It was pretty hilarious. One lady had a group of about 4 other ladies who were adamant about getting off of the plane. Inevitably someone would yell stop arguing because the baby is trying to sleep (meaning Micah).  Which I was thinking, "please leave us out of this, I really don't want to go there."

When Micah started to get fussy the girl next to me took Micah and walked the aisle with him, (mainly because I was wedged into my seat due to my carry on bag being at my feet).  Of course she told everyone on the plane that he was an America baby, and his name was Michael.  (We'll be using the local equivalent name for him.)  After about a million announcements that we would leave in 20 minutes we finally left after 3 hours of waiting on the plane. We arrived to a foggy Nineveh 5 1/2 hours after boarding the plane. I was very thankful they didn't make us get on the ridiculous bus and go to the building that is 50 feet away. I'm almost positive there would have been a riot. Thankfully Micah and I were pushed through the lines, quite literally and after we got our bags and stopped at all the little desks, we were out of there, PTL! It feels great to be home.

These two were happy to see each other.

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