Thursday, December 16, 2010

1 and 2

Dear little Micah,

You're first month was a busy one.  You won us all over with you sweet chubby cheeks, squeaks, yawns and how content you were in our arms.  As we adjusted to deciphering your cries and needs, you adjusted to having your big brother love on you any time your eyes were open.

2 weeks old
 You had a busy month of traveling your first month one international trip and you were able to walk the streets of Ephesus snuggled up in the ergo.  We were so blessed that Grandma and Grandpa S and Uncle John were able to come all the way to meet you.  They were able to watch you grow from a tiny little thing to a 10 lb. 12 oz. little guy.  You even grew 2 inches from birth, making you 21.5 inches long.  You definitely are good at eating and growing.  The end of your first month you even started smiling.

7 weeks old

As I look back at your one month pictures you were so tiny, because you are officially a chunky monkey at 2 months!  At your last doctor's appointment shortly before we left Istanbul (7 1/2 weeks), you weighed in at 11 lbs. 14 oz. and 22 inches long.  Again you were a super traveler as we headed out east to visit a sweet friend and again on the long journey home, you don't know how thankful we are for that.  You finally got your visa and we made it home and you are settling into a good predictable routine now.  You are starting to reach for toys, after your big brother showed you how, but are surprised when you finally get what you are staring at.  You love lights and are pretty mesmerized by our Christmas tree.  Your smiles sure melt our hearts, and I love our times when you want to talk, but that's usually when the house is quiet.  It's so good to be home and to introduce you to our normal life.  You're growing up too fast, but I'll treasure these days forever.


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