Monday, December 06, 2010

The party continues

Marvin's parents graciously agreed to bring a few bags of things we needed, and a few things we really didn't need but were sure enjoyable. (Everyone at thanksgiving said thank you for the imported treats!)

They also brought a few a lot of gifts for Calvin, I seriously think his toys about doubled and he hasn't even opened all of them. We had to save a few for Christmas.

He loved everything and thank you to all who send something for him.

Here's he is opening his birthday gift from my parents. He loves his book. It was so cute that when he opened it and he heard my parents voices he said, "Hey that sounds like, Gramma and Grampa Bares". It thrills my heart to know that he knows the sound of his grandparents voices and knows who they are, praise the Lord for Skype. He almost has his entire new coloring book colored too; he had fun coloring his favorite Cars.

Marvin's folks brought a ton of gifts most of them he has not opened, I'm looking forward to spreading those out and seeing his reaction them. He loves his Cars book; it's sort of a where's Waldo book. I wish I would have recorded grandpa and him reading it as they did it often. It seemed to be THE book he wanted to read with grandpa.

One unexpected gift came from our nephew's girlfriend, she's so sweet and oh how she has blessed Calvin. He loves his CARS; he now has all his favorite characters. It's been so fun listening to him play with them, and even though they look like certain characters he even pretends they are different cars. He's such a hoot, one day I even found him putting them to bed using a pair of his undies as a blanket. That boy has quite the imagination, I love it.
Thank you to everyone who sent something, you loved us beyond words.

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