Saturday, December 18, 2010

One last trip

Just in case you didn't think we were crazy enough to take a trip while Micah was both 2 weeks old and 3 weeks old we thought we'd throw one more into the mix. One of my friends (she taught English at the institute I taught at when we lived here before, and when we came back she was our office manager) moved to central Turkey after she married a man who lived there in September. We wanted to work out a trip to see her and thankfully we received Micah's LOI and were able to turn in his paperwork on Thanksgiving, it worked out that we would have a free weekend before Marvin and Calvin had to fly back to Nineveh on Monday.

We are so glad we went to see her, and even more thankful we flew. Calvin ran to her and gave her a BIG hug, it was super sweet.

They picked us up from the airport and took us back to their apartment. The company her husband works for owns a hotel in the same complex of their apartment so they arranged for us to stay there. Did I mention we planned this trip two days before going? We also couldn't find any hotels in this city online, so we weren't sure where we would be staying. It was perfect; we checked in and then headed over to her apartment for "breakfast" which was really closer to lunch time. It was wonderful as we love Turkish breakfast.

It was so neat to see her happy and in love. Her husband really is a sweet guy and loves her and takes care of her well. After we ate they took us to Cappadocia and it was so cool.

Unfortunately our camera battery died shortly after we arrived to the area and guess who didn't bring the charger? That would be us. Oh well we'll have memories of this trip forever.

We stopped for chai in a city where her husband had a friend who owned a cafe, then headed back to their city. We enjoyed dinner with them at the hotel then went to their place for chai that evening. Her husband's family came over, and they were very worried Micah was cold since he wasn't bundled up enough, even though he was sweating. Both boys melted about the same time so we said goodbye and went home.

The next day we joined them for brunch and then our friend had to go to some parent teacher conferences at the school she worked at. Calvin enjoyed the break from people trying to kiss him and hug him. I'll tell you his blonde hair sure attracts so much attention. Everywhere we go he has people trying to take pictures of him or with him, it's crazy.... but I digressed. It was a beautiful day so we headed to a park, found a bite to eat and then came back to the hotel to rest. Our friend returned and chatted for a while before they said good bye as they needed to head out of town for a funeral. They ordered us dinner at the hotel, and then we headed to the airport, 4 hours later we were home in bed. It seriously was the quickest trip I've ever had flying somewhere.  We are so thankful we went to see her and hope to visit her again, only next time we'll stay a little longer.

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