Monday, December 13, 2010

Vaca Part 2

Okay so after a long blogging break, it's time to play catch up...................starting with our vacation

After our day of touring Ephesus, we decided to head to a little village near Selcuk. It was a sweet little village filled with homemade crafts and all the usual tourists' souvenirs.

This little town is known for its wine, but since we don't drink it that part didn't appeal to us. However, Marvin and I both thought It would be a neat little village to spend the weekend at just relaxing, without children of course.

Calvin didn't think so fondly of this village, he decided to pick a flower and it turned out to be covered in fine prickles that stuck in his hands. Thankfully a chai house owner came to our rescue with a pair of tweezers and saved the day. After a good 30 minutes of tweezing and a few tears his hands were prickle free.

We grabbed a bite to eat for lunch before heading to Izmir by train. Our hotel was a breath of fresh air after being on the move for a while. It was nice to be able to nurse Micah in a proper chair, and without using the nursing cover. Micah and I needed a little break from touring so we just hung out in our hotel, while the rest of the group explored a bit of Izmir.

They headed to the water. Found a sidewalk that made my MIL a little motion sick, took a carriage ride and explored an old bazaar, while I napped, read, and enjoyed some travel channel at the hotel.

When planning this trip Marvin and I both felt like flying back would get us home quickly, and it wasn't too much more expensive. Little did we know fog would decend on Istanbul and that our flight would be cancelled. Thankfully we were able to get on a later flight that was delayed, but we finally took off around 12:30 a.m.  Our nephew was playing football that night and we were able to get free wifi before we passed through security.  Our computer speakers are pretty weak, so John played sports announcer and gave the play by play.

Both boys were troopers; Micah was a bit over stimulated, but hung in there. Calvin did a great job playing in the airport and entertaining himself, while we waited, finally we decided we didn't know when we would actually leave so it was best to put him to bed. So here is his make shift bed, in a corner under a tree to help shield his face from the light. In less than 5 minutes he was asleep. I'm so thankful for flexible sleepers; I'm not sure what would do if our boys had to be in their room to fall asleep. It sure would make traveling a little harder.

We finally arrived and unfortunately our new flight arrived on the European side, and the bus/ferry that we usually take from that airport wasn't running, so all of us squeezed into a taxi. It was quite the ride.

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