Saturday, September 11, 2010


Being a parent is stretching me.  Marvin does a better job at letting Calvin dress than I do, Marvin sort of jokingly calls me the fashion police.  I don't think I'm that bad, but I often send Calvin back to his room to choose a different pair of pants or shirt to match, so maybe I am the fashion police. (He also doesn't seem to mind.)

I have my principles when it comes to fashion, and have tried to stick to them.  There are a couple of things that truly bug me:

I refuse to buy anything with a logo plastered across it, because we not human billboards.  Even if the things are very in at the moment, like coach purses.  It's sneaky advertising if you ask me, and I'm I know most people don't agree or have a problem with it, but I'm weird. 

The second thing that bugs me more than anything about children's fashion is character infatuation.  Those in children's apparel fashion know a thing or two about kids, they love their characters and love to wear them.  This lovely green shirt was given to him by our language teacher and the boy is obsessed with wearing it.  If he sees me take it off the clothes line it must be immediately worn.  Like I said these people know what they are doing.

Working in early childhood I've seen my share of character shoes, and they always make me cringe due to their tackiness.  I've learned I should never say "I'll never let my child....." because this past weekend we ventured to the mall to buy Calvin some shoes and came home with these........
and a little boy beaming in delight, because they have spiderman on them (he's never seen a single episode of spiderman, yet loves spiderman) and they light up.  Again I am eating my words and do you know what?  They aren't that bad. To see the joy they give him as he puts them on makes up for their tackiness.

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Sherry said...

agreed, completely. My kids have character jammies...that's about as far as I can go. Those shoes however aren't actually that bad looking!-They actually look pretty cool. :)...Luke likes to put the kids in random clothes because he knows it makes me cringe. Such a precious husband. :)