Thursday, September 09, 2010

Daddy Time

Thankfully Marvin snapped a few pictures of Calvin’s while we were apart.  Marvin tried to keep him pretty busy but that last little stretch was tough, on both of them.

Calvin enjoyed some time at Daddy’s office everyday. Our office manager loved him to pieces, and it gave Marvin some time to get some work done.

They played countless games, wrestled a lot, had lots of yummy snacks mommy usually doesn’t buy, and Marvin let him watch his first ever movie, “Cars”, which is a post in itself. (Let’s just say he loves that movie and even though he’s only watch it a handful of times he’s already memorized a good chunk of it.)

Marvin took him to the river, to the park, the amusment park, he rode his first zipline, took a little trip out of town.  Overall Marvin did a great job at wearing out the little man.  Thankfully Marvin didn't have a problem getting him to take a nap every day. 

Hooray for quality Father Son bonding.  Calvin's lucky to have such a good daddy.

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