Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthday Boys

Both Marvin and Calvin have birthdays coming up in the very near future.  We'll celebrate Marvin's 30th soon, and I'm hoping to do something out of the ordinary to celebrate, of course in a low key way, per Marvin's request, and also because hopefully we'll have a newborn at this point.  His birthday requests are pretty simple:  Fried Tacos and peanut butter pie, they usually don't change which is consistent with his dependable personality.  I have a few other ideas to make this day special for him, but since Marvin reads this I'll try my hardest to keep those a secret.

Growing up my mom made some pretty fun cakes for our birthdays.  I still remember going to the cake store and picking out the cake pan we wanted for our birthday."  I'd love to do continue to make something fun for our kids each year, and this year since he has an obsession for "Cars" I think we'll go with a Cars Birthday theme.  Since I'm away from all my cake decorating supplies, I'm hoping to borrow a few things from a friend here to make a fun little cake for him.  Calvin and I had so much fun browsing through ideas and since we looked at all the Cars Cakes he's pretty excited to have a Cars Birthday.  He often tells everyone that he's going to have a Cars Birthday, even when they don't understand English.  He also started singing "happy cars birthday to you."  Can you tell he's excited?

Now I am in NO way talented in the realm of cake decorating.  I wish I had the skills my sister-in-law has, but let's be honest I don't.  So I was hunting for a simple cake.  Here are a few front runners, that I think I can possibly recreate, of course with some help from my artistic husband.  I like the idea of using real cars, but unfortunately I haven't found too many here, so we may have to be creative.

 Now these are little out of my league but loved them:
I can't wait to be a little creative and make these birthdays special for some pretty special guys!

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