Monday, September 27, 2010


holy experience

I love this idea of keeping track of all the gifts Father has given us each week so this week I'm starting a list, and hope it is a way to reflect back on the week and record these sweet gifts.
#1  Our active little guy in my belly, who makes my belly move in waves.  So thankful for his hiccups each  night as I try to drift off to sleep.  It's a gift I don't take for granted even though I'm so ready to meet him.
#2  Random little kisses on my belly throughout the day from a little boy eager to be a Big Brother.
#3  The body, waiting in a new city with some sweet new friends as well as old friends.
#4  Tortillas available at every store, and whole wheat ones at that!
#5  My protector of a husband, who carried all our groceries and pushed Calvin up a very steep hill on a muggy day.
#6  The cool breeze that fills our apartment.
#7  A pair of shoes that fit.  This summer i bought a pair at the market and when I got home one shoe was stretched out from how they grouped them together, they now are the only shoes that fit.
#8  Nap time
#9  Sweet locals, who love to pinch children's cheeks and give them sweet things.

#10  Hearing "Down in my heart." every time Calvin sees a heart. (From the song I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart."

#11 Seedless Grapes

#12 new music that makes my heart sing! 

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