Sunday, September 26, 2010

Make a Funny Face

Calvin's been very into making faces lately.  His inspiration comes from Mac on the movie Cars.  He's such a goof, and these pictures he requested me to take of him the other day while we were playing on the playground.
Now what to say about the movie Cars, ummmm.  It certainly is a favorite right now.  If you ask him about it you're more than likely to get an ear full and hear all about his favorite scenes, which will probablly start like this: "member when......" followed by a lengthy detailed recount of part of the movie.

This movie certainly has developed his love for any type of cars.  Before he'd play with a car for a few minutes then move onto something new, but now he spends most of the day playing cars, both with an actual car or him pretending to drive around the house.  It's wonderful to be able to throw a car in my purse and know he'll be entertained.  He also LOVES taxi rides right now, because they are like race cars.  If we get a real crazy driver once we get out of the taxi he'll say, "He was a really good driver."  or "That was Amazing."  Oh the simple things that amuse him right now.  I'm certainly loving this stage he is in right now.

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