Saturday, September 06, 2008


Well it has been a very busy week around our place. Calvin is growing up so quickly these days. He took his first steps over a week ago and has been tottering along and his balance is getting better every day. Today he successfully bent down, picked up a toy and stood back up without falling down. Marvin even commented that his facial expressions have changed to be more like a little boy and less babyish.

He certainly is a lot of fun right now, but he can certainly make a mess! He can now open the kitchen cabinets and has an unbelievable reach to get every last thing out of the cabinets. I have locks on the cabinets I don't want him in but occasionally I accidentally leave them unlocked and it's like he has a radar that tells him when to make a beeline for that unlocked cabinet. Before you know it all of the pots and pan are now an obstacle course in the kitchen. (Calvin has his own cabinet in the kitchen where he can get into, it's filled with some plastic things but he loves the pots and pans much better.) I learned very quickly that I better downsize the amount of things in his cabinet as I was picking up all day long. Oh I can't wait until he learns the art of cleaning up! We are trying but it seems like the second everything is put way he immediately starts taking them back out! Grrrrr.

Here is a video of our little man taken the day after he took his first steps. It's amazing how much sturdier he is now and it's only a week later. He crawled into the back room while I was loading the dishwasher and I could hear him making all sorts of noises so I grabbed the camera. It's so funny how excited he gets about going outside and the squirrels in the backyard.

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