Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Narwin & Alvin

While we lived in Turkey we found the Turkish had problems pronouncing Marvin's name. They tried we'll give them that, but it his name always ended up some form of Marwin! Hey it's pretty close, but still a little funny. So we thought that being back in America we wouldn't have any problems with his name being mispronounced. That was until we ordered Papa Johns. As I was fixing my plate I noticed the box and began laughing out of control when I read the word Narwin!

It doesn't stop there. I filled out some information to be a part of Parents as Teachers and a couple days later we recieved a letter from them addressed to Erica & Tim S! I am not sure where that name came from since it doesn't at all resemble Marvin. But apparently Calvin takes after his father, today we got a newsletter from Parents as Teachers and it listed the October bithdays. I quickly glanced and didn't see his name so I thought that since we were new it just didn't make it, no problem. Then I noticed a little boy named Alvin S with a birthday the same day as our Calvin S. Hmmmm.

Here's a picture of my "Narwin & Alvin" having fun together this weekend.

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