Saturday, September 06, 2008

Wiped Out

We loved our 3 day Labor Day weekend and Calvin had such a fun time with his Daddy. I love watching them play together. We grilled tonight and every time Marvin went outside to check our steaks Calvin followed and had his face pressed up against the sliding door watching his every move. It was pretty sweet.

Last weekend Marvin's brother and family came down for a visit. Calvin loved playing with his cousins. The first day they were here it was amazing how little he played with his toys. I couldn't believe how clean the living room was. (Sometimes I think he gets a little bored playing with mama.) When he woke up on Sunday morning he was so happy to see that his cousins were here ready to play.

We went to the zoo on Sunday but unfortunately it rained while we were there so we had to wait out the rain in the gorilla exhibit, but the girls had fun playing peek-a-boo while we waited, thankfully the rain was short lived.

This week turned out to be pretty busy and exhausting as my allergies wiped me out. I had little motivation this week, and it took a lot to get me going in the mornings. We had something to do everyday, which would be great normally but with allergies it made for a long week. Despite allergies we really did have a fun week of getting together with some good friends. Calvin and I went to a really cool park with a friend of mine from college and her little girl. Calvin had a blast and it there were several things for him to do other than swing. Later that day Calvin’s buddy came by so his parents could go out on a date. He had so much fun on Thursday; it was filled with lots of giggles.

Friday I was able to catch up with a friend from High School who was in Kansas to visit her family. Who knew that our friendship that started in French class would continue to this day? Merry it was fun to see pictures of all your hard work on your house and meeting your kids and it would certainly be fun to visit you one day, we love France. Calvin had a blast playing with his new friends. I was a bit disappointed that it rained the entire time they were here. I had hoped to go to the zoo or park. The kids didn’t seem to mind though. Then Friday evening we tried to have a game night with one of Marvin's buddies from college and his wife, but we ended up talking the entire time.

So needless-to-say I was wiped out today. PTL Calvin slept in until 8:00, yep that is our new sleeping in time!!!! It’s no wonder why I crashed on the couch during Calvin's afternoon nap. I love naps on Saturday.

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