Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What Day Is It?

We got in late last night from an extended weekend with Marvin's family. It was a good time to see everyone, Calvin had a blast playing with his cousins. We even took in a couple football games, caught a birthday bash, and spoke at the grade school about our time overseas. Since we got home on a Monday evening I have been so confused about what day it was today, it did not feel like a Tuesday.

Thankfully we didn't have to rush our trip up and were able to stop at a park where Calvin could get out of his car seat and squirm. (It's a good thing we did because I left all the toys I had packed up for the road trip at home, eeks.) Our son loves to move so being in a car seat for over 3 hours was a border line torture for the poor guy.

It has been fun seeing how Calvin has warmed up to family every time we are around them. This time he had no problems going to aunts or uncles. He even lifted his hands for grandpa to pick him up. I am so glad we have these opportunities to spend with family. It's totally worth the schedule change to see him light up when his grandma comes into the room, or when he gives his aunt a nice little snuggle!

Grandma always has such fun toys for Calvin to play with. These bowls were quite the hit. They made the best sounds, and Marvin and I are very happy they are staying at Grandma's.

We even caught a JV game last night. Our nephew played really well, and it was a good game, unfortunately the other team caught up at the very end and won.

Getting lovin' from his Aunt and Uncle

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