Thursday, August 28, 2008

A New Generation

Okay here's the scoop. We have tried to eat dinner together as a family, but the problem is Marvin sometimes doesn't get home until 6:00 and by the time he is ready for dinner it is usually 6:30. Now this doesn't sound too late until you realize that Calvin goes to bed at 7:30 which means he was Mr. Grumpy Gills every night at dinner. So I decided to feed him a little earlier and it has worked so much better. He will usually sit muching on cheese while we eat our dinner. Since this little shift occured we sometimes are finished at 6:30 and get the chance to watch Wheel of Fortune.

Now ever since I was little my grandfather watched Wheel of Fortune everyday. Everyone in our family knows not to call grandpa at 6:30 because "the wheel" is on. I think we have a new generation of wheel watchers in our family now, Calvin loves the show. Maybe it's the wheel spinning or the letters constantly turning over but he is glued when we watch it. He'll spend the commercials playing but the second it comes back on he immediately stops what he is doing. Here are some action pictures:


Marie said...

Hey Erica! Do you guys have Dillons near you? I heard Ground Beef is on sale for 1.99/lb. this week there. I saw your post about not making it much b/c of the price (I can totally relate) and thought you might want to know. I'm glad you guys have a blog! I've loved reading it over the years.

Carrie said...

We have the Exact same problem, and I have resigned myself to feeding Caden earlier too- just for a season, then we can have family dinner together when he is older. We were having a MUCH better time now! Glad you are too! :)