Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thoughts and pictures

We were laughing last night about how we must eat a lot differently than the rest of Marvin's family. Marvin grew up with lots of red meat in his diet, since his family raised cattle. Well since our budget is pretty tight, we only have red meat maybe once a week, this week it didn't make it in our menu. I try to have a couple of vegetarian dishes a week, but if we do have meat it's chicken and I've been using ground turkey as a substitute for ground beef (FYI since turkey doesn't have much flavor you need to add more seasoning). We are both trying to eat smarter and it has been fun trying new dishes. This week we had Greek chicken which was a little dry but with a few modification it could be great, and a chicken curry dish that was a mix of sweet potatoes, onions, chicken stock, garlic, OJ and curry. Yum!
Here are a few pictures I added to our computer this week:
Thanks for the Card Great Grandma.

Marvin's Grandmother is so amazing about sending cards. It is her gifting I believe and sure enough when Calvin had surgery what did he get? A card in the mail from Great grandma. He absolutely loves paper, so he had so much fun opening his letter.

This is where you will often find Calvin now that he learned how that the CD cabinet doors open. He is so fascinated by these doors. I love watching kids learn things. For a while every time he opened the door he looked at me with amazement and excitement as if he was saying, "Look at what I can do".

His other favorite game is playing ball. We have been working at passing back and forth with his big ball. If he finds one of his smaller balls he will throw it and crawl after it. It is so funny. I think he shares his daddy's love for sports already.

Calvin also loves books. He doesn't sit still very long to read very many, and he is still into grabbing the book that I am reading, so it makes it pretty tricky. But he loves taking his books out of his book box. I was cleaning up the kitchen and he crawled out of the kitchen and I couldn't hear him anymore so I went to find him and this is what I found: Him sitting in his room with two treasures, his pacifier and his Turkey books.

Calvin has been extra fussy with these teeth that are trying to pop through his gums and has really started to freak out when I leave. I needed to run to Target yesterday and I knew Calvin was tired, but it was now or never, so off I went leaving a screaming exhausted boy with Marvin. When I came back 15 minutes later Calvin was nestled up next to Marvin snoozing. He certainly loves being held lately.

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