Monday, August 18, 2008

Who needs toys?

Seriously these are Calvin's favorite toys:

-Remote that doesn't work


-Empty cottage cheese and yogurt containers

-Water Bottles

-Diaper cream tube, travel lotion bottles, or sunscreen bottle

-Paper (He goes crazy every Sunday when we let him play with a few ads.)

-Cups (He chews on the bottom)

-Paper Towel Rolls

-The dropper on the Tylenol bottle (think this soothed his swollen gums more than the Tylenol did)

I seriously think parents buy toys for us, I know I am guilty of it. When he had surgery they sent us a letter saying they would let him take his favorite toy into recovery. I think they would have been surprised if we showed up with one of the above.
Also Calvin has been pretty good at getting some nice bruises on his face. He is starting to become pretty confident in his ability to stand and reach for things, unfortunately he still falls a lot. Last week he had a bruise on both cheeks and his forehead all at the same time. Poor boy, but it hasn't slowed him down.
We had a great family weekend. Saturday was spent hanging out together. We had a coupon to a pizza place for BOGO buffet, which is ideal with a baby because you don't have to wait. It was such a family friendly little place and Calvin loved watching the kids. It is pretty cute because now he is starting to get a little shy. He'll smile and then lower his head if someone smiles at him, he kept doing this with a little boy sitting at a table near us. After lunch we headed to the zoo. Getting a zoo membership was such a smart investment, I've used it so many times already. Calvin is finally starting to look at the animals. He loved watching the baby monkey play with his friend, he just followed it everywhere it went. We also got a good look at the bears on Saturday. You just never know what you are going to see.
It's also fun to watch Calvin love on his papa (a.k.a. Daddy). The word for Dad in Nineveh is Papa, so we haven't quite decided what we are going with. Actually Marvin wants to be called Papa but for some reason I always say Daddy. I digressed....Calvin loves to give me nice and slobbery kisses. They are sweet and I love them even with the slobber, but he has started to lean in to bump Marvin's head, it's a man kiss. It's their game and is so sweet to watch. The other day Marvin was playing with him on the floor after dinner and Calvin crawled over to Marvin and leaned his head in to give him some lovin'. It's those moments you just don't want to forget.

I'll wrap up with a few pictures of Calvin at our family reunion in Oklahoma a few weekends ago. Here are a couple my sister took:

Calvin loves to feel wind hit his face. It was pretty hot so I had a cold water bottle close by the whole boat ride. He loved chewing on the end before he fell asleep.

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Sherry said...

He looks wiped out-such a cute picture. Yeah for cheap-already-at-home toys-my kids loved curling ribbon and paper.