Thursday, August 28, 2008

Projects! Projects!

I tend to get a little excited about ideas. I am an idea person and not so great at following through with them. Every now and then I actually complete something I start. But I decided there are a few things I actually want to accomplish while we are in the states. Here’s my list:

  1. Calvin’s baby book. I’ve already finished several pages and try to get a page or two done every week. I even have a “scrapbook central”, in the corner of the play room. I thought this was a brilliant idea, but who knew you couldn’t get things done with a busy boy who loves attention in the room.
  2. Our Scrapbook. Still haven’t finished 2007 and its 2008, better get moving on this. The good news is I finally got our wedding pictures into their album, so I am making a little progress.
  3. Quilt. This project was started probably in 2005. I have all the rows finished I just need to piece them together. Like I said I’m really bad about finishing things.
  4. Learn to Play the Guitar. I was inspired to learn during college and after much begging I received a guitar for my birthday shortly before my sophomore year in college. I haven’t picked it up since that summer. But I am determined to learn now as it will certainly be a blessing to our family worship time. I am thankful for the internet, because I have already taken a few lessons free online. So far I am working on transitioning between the following chords C, G, A, E, Em, D, and my least favorite F. My fingers are starting to get used to it, although they are a little sore. It’s been something I can do while Calvin is playing. He also likes to come over and strum a little. He quickly gets bored, so I am able to practice. Right now my goal is to practice at least 15 minutes everyday. I hope to get faster in a couple of weeks, so I can work on learning a few songs and then a few more chords.

I have a few other projects I have thought would be fun to do, but I decided to focus on these before jumping to a new one, plus I already have all the supplies on hand for these projects.

Scrapbook Central

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