Sunday, May 31, 2015

Separated .....again

I’ll be honest I haven’t been loving our family craziness this spring.  This is our last stretch where we will be separated for a while and I’ve been counting down the days since I got on the airplane and hoping Jingleheimer doesn’t make his appearance before they arrive.  We’ve bumped up their travel plans to the 6th instead of the 8th.  My doctor sort of made a strange face when I told her when they would be arriving.  While she didn’t outwardly come out and say he might come before then, I’d be happy to have them come a couple days earlier than planned.

I tried to make several meals and breakfast items for Marvin before I left so he could just pull things out of the freezer and having one less thing to do, even though I’m sure he could have managed feeding them by himself.  But it’s a lot when you’re not used to doing it and have other things on your plate.

I’m thankful for dear friends who have already taken the boys for the day, or Calvin to a school thing he had.  That Marvin gets a break a few hours a day when our nanny is at our house.  I’m thankful our boys are comfortable with her and love her like she’s family.

The worst part of this separation is that it falls right during Seth’s birthday and heaven birthday.  I cannot tell you how much my heart isn’t ready for that, and it’s coming next week. 

I’ve had days where I’m already sad, I’ve felt like I could handle those days as long as Marvin was beside me.  This year I feel like the Lord is asking me to trust Him for comfort and it’s hard to release my grip on the earthly and cling to the heavenly.

What is sweet is that the Lord tenderly knew we’d be around friends who have walked these dark days with us.  What a sweet gift in our time apart.

So if you think of it please be keep us close in prayer this week on the 1st and 3rd.  We’d be so grateful.

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