Friday, May 29, 2015

First Grade {Done}

This little guy has worked so incredibly hard this year.  He really loves to learn, but local school was a big challenge.  Going in, his language skills were weak, he had some basics, but due to our year away he was hurting in his language abilities.  Last week I heard him read the back of a cereal box and was so impressed that he’s reading well in not one but 2 languages.

He’s found some friends in his class.  One of his buddies drew him a note at the end of the year meeting so that he’d remember him this summer.  He’s become quiet the social little guy and has made several friends in our building and is always checking to see who is outside.  It’s no surprise that he won the friendliest student award for his class.

He feels connected to the culture, and really loved school this year.  I know that 2nd grade will be a lot more challenging, particularly as he gets into Russian literature and must start writing stories, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. 

His end of the year assessments he received the equivalent to As and Bs and doing just as good if not better than his peers.  (I know this because his teacher read every ones scores in front of the whole group of parents and students, giving advice of what they needed to work on.  Such a different system.)

I’m thankful we have a break from school, specifically homework.  This little perfectionist has shed some serious tears over handwriting this year.  Something that is highly stressed.  Uniformity is a big component in the education system here, and you’re shamed if you don’t meet standards.  So you can imagine why I about burst into tears when he proudly walked in and showed me his homework, and how he had written it so beautifully.  He writes better than I do in Russian.

Of course all of this hard work was not possible without the help of this sweet lady.  We love her dearly and are so grateful of how she's helped Calvin through first grade.

We’re so proud of this little guy who finished 1st grade like a rock star.  I can’t believe I now have a 2nd grader. Glad we could celebrate at his favorite place, Subway!

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Singing Away said...

"maladietz" Calvin! That is some seriously impressive writing!!! :D