Monday, May 11, 2015

The Miles

Our good old faithful Maclaren stroller has stood the test of time.  7 ½ years later we finally had our first problem.  The brake snapped off while the boys and I were out of country, thankfully not in the locked position.  I had noticed it getting harder to lock recently, but didn’t anticipate one breaking right off.   I am just very thankful I made it back home.  I am not sure what my very pregnant self would have done without one.

I am not sure if people in the states have an obsession with their strollers like I do mine, but it’s literally my car and I use it almost daily.  With so much use it was looking pretty tired lately.

I got to thinking about how many places it has been, and became a bit sentimental.  It’s literally traveled the world with us, held many sleeping babes on our crazy adventures, and restrained some cranky toddlers too.  I have so many memories of strolling down cobblestone paths, rocky muddy sidewalks, snow and ice, etc.  Many memories of walking with friends pushing a child along while chatting.  When Calvin was a baby we’d put him in the stroller and Marvin and I would use our foot and push him back and forth while we were eating dinner.

It’s been weighted down and used as a luggage cart, held 1,000s of kilos of groceries over time, it’s been on trains, buses, who knows how many airplanes, ferries, trolleys, trams, taxis.  It has been used almost daily the last 7 ½ years and has served us well.

I have loved everything about this stroller and Marvin agreed how it was one of the best decisions we made when choosing baby gear (and are still grateful for the generous gift my grandparents gave us all those years ago). 

Our faithful stroller is being replaced, by another Maclaren, which will be waiting for us upon our arrival to the states this summer.  As much as I hated to spend the money for a new one, we knew it was a brand we could count on lasting through our needs with this last little baby and can’t wait to see what memories these wheels will be a part of.

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