Sunday, May 10, 2015

Trying week....reflections on the 10th of May

Marvin was gone this past week, so the boys and I were flying solo.  There were several times this past week that I wondered...... "How I am I going to do this next year adding one more little one into the mix and one more drop off and pick up from school?"

Marvin’s work requires time away from home, and I know we’ll figure it out as we have with each addition to our family.  But man this week was hard. 

The night before he left, our neighbor rang our doorbell at 11:00 p.m. because our bathroom was leaking into their apartment.  So Marvin got the leaked stopped that night and tried to fix it before his flight left, which included 2 trips to the market, but unfortunately a piece broke in the process and he didn’t have time to go back to the market for a 3rd time.  I’m thankful we have 2 bathrooms so it wasn’t that big of deal, but it sure started our week with some chaos.

There were plenty of melt downs this week.  Mostly by our sensitive Micah Man who always tends to struggle when his norm is disrupted.  Lots of bickering by the older two.

We managed school drop off and pickups, which by Wednesday I was counting down how many more times we had to do it.

There were some major messes, our bathroom got a thorough clean after the shower head was used as a water gun.  Why did they think that was a good idea?!?!

Judah was his usual curious self and seized every opportunity to scatter anything he could get his little hands on.  He was particularly fond of games this week.  SO. MANY. PIECES.  By Friday I gave up and Marvin came home to several games on the floor in the living room.

All the while I was contracting like crazy, which made it a little difficult to keep up and difficult to sleep.

But as trying as these kind of weeks are, I wouldn’t trade them for the world.  I had to remind myself why Marvin was gone and I was thankful that he had this week to be surrounded by men who could encourage him to be the leader he needs to be for our family and team.

I am thankful that these crazy little boys also love me fiercely.  I’m especially thankful that they are also quick to forgive when my tongue did not build them up but was rather unleashed in frustration.

We survived and will survive weeks like this in the future with the help from the Lord.  I’m thankful He is my strength when I feel like I have none.

This motherhood thing is not for the fainthearted but what a gift it is.

Happy Mother’s Day dear friends.

Or as Calvin said the 10th of May. 
(Which made me smile, because that is how they name holidays here.)

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Jamie said...

Happy Mother's Day, sweet friend. What a week!