Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Two weeks by the Sea

We had a fabulous trip. We learned a ton and were so refreshed.
We were ready to come home and dive back in, with a LOT more focus and a plan.
It feels great.

We were so thankful to be in such a beautiful place for 2 weeks.
Sometimes I miss beautiful places. Where we live has a different sort of beauty. Sometimes it's harder to find, but it's here too.
I'm talking about places with green grass, that's cut with a lawn mower, not with a sythe or a weed eater.
Places that look nice on the outside and not just on the inside. I loved jogging around this little summer home neighborhood in the evenings. Everyone was out eating on their patios. One day I even saw a bunch of women shaking mulberries out of a tree. Jogging felt like a lot less work there.

Of course the pool was great. It was filled with salt water. It was strange how easily you floated.

Turns out Calvin's part fish.

Although he wanted nothing to do with learning how to properly swim. He declared he already knew how.
He wore two floaties most of the time. The boy wanted to wear them everywhere. We drew the line on that one.

Calvin loved school. He's still singing all his songs and talking about all his friends.

Our room had a balcony that looked right out to the Sea.

Since we had work to do each night Marvin and I enjoyed our evenings listening to the waves crashing into the shore. Sometimes even spotting some dolphins.

Being amazed at the colors of each sunset.

I'm a beach girl at heart living near the mountains.

But I'm okay with that.

But I do want to go back. 


kellie j. said...

sounds a bit like what we just spent a month doing--only we were in the desert. glad you got to do it in such a pretty place!!

Singing Away said...

I liked your comment about a different sort of beauty... so true :)