Saturday, July 02, 2011

Here’s the Deal

In case you are wondering things have been a bit better in the behavior department. Our nanny came the Monday after my post of exhaustion and said, "What did you do?" To which I responded, "PRAYED."

We started a new little system which seems to be working great and he understand the concept of earning privileges and how behavior directly has a hand in that, so we're running with it. We've also made sure we've been intentional to spend some quality time with him and do fun things together, which has helped.  But quite honestly praying has been the key, both with himand apart.

His latest thing has been asking, "What's the deal?" Meaning what are my options. He often creates his own deals. It's pretty funny. Sometimes it's not, but most of the time it is.

I couldn't love this kid more.

A few things that he's done that have made me smile recently:

He hasn't been able to watch many shows recently (we feel it directly correlates with his behavior. With that said I rarely say no to him wanting to do an exercise DVD. (It's been so helpful during these days when it seems to rain 5/7 days a week.) So most days I hear from his 3 year old little voice, "Mommy can I do Total Body Time crunch today or maybe I want to do Cardio, Cardio, Cardio?" It cracks me up every time.

We pulled down the 200 games box and I'm pretty sure Calvin could make that into 2,000 games. Most of his games have very fluid rules, so it makes for a pretty interesting game. They also have very interesting names to them.

He's been glued to the balcony window recently and he's quite the greeter, he's very good at telling our neighbors hello when he sees them. In the last few weeks someone moved the soccer field to a more accessible place, rather than in middle of tall weeds, to the edge of the weeds where they can actually cut it. The kids have loved it and Calvin has enjoyed playing with a few friends. One of the kids' names is pronounced sue-lee-mon, this is what I hear from the kitchen last night, "Silly Man, Silly Man, Sillyyyyyyyyyy Mannnnnnnnnn." What a goof, but way to try. Yesterday we had to run to the little store by our building to buy some bread and he saw him and told me he had to go say hello. He ran right up to him said hi and shook his hand. It made this mama very proud.

The other day we meet a couple of new ladies and one of them touched his head, which everyone here does and Calvin very much dislikes. After they left he said, "Mama, that lady touched my head and I didn't yell at her." Progress folks, progress!

I also love the random I love yous I receive during the day. Today I was hanging up laundry and Calvin came in the room and said, "I love you Mommy", then went back to playing blocks.

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Michelle said...

LOL, "Can I do Total Body Crunch or Cardio Cardio Cardio?" So funny!