Sunday, July 03, 2011



What a busy month we've had with this little man.

This month Micah's figured out how to sit up from being on his belly.

2 days later he started crawling

5 days after that he pulled himself up to a stand

Now he's cruising furniture and even letting go for a few seconds at a time, often times falling, sometimes not.

His bottom two teeth are in.

His sleep patterns have been RANDOM, he's slept through the night and woken up 3 times a night in the same week. It's been strange. At this point I'm ready for him to only wake up one time a night, most night's it's twice.

We've heard new sounds from his mouth, some great motor boat sounds to the ear piercing screech.

He's loving food, and is a much better fan of oatmeal than rice cereal. He's loves pumpkin. He's also had a chocolate cookie this month too, thanks to his nanny, I'm learning that these things aren't a big deal.

For a while I was convinced he was saying mama, but hasn't done it in a week.

He's stayed at 21 #s this past month but grew a bit to 28.34 inches.

I love that little smile of his and his ability to soften up all those we meet.

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April said...

he is getting so big so fast! miss you guys!