Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ahhh Rescue Pack, coming to the rescue

We had a near tragedy last month. Calvin used the money he earned to purchase a pair of binoculars outside the polyclinic. It was love at first sight and helped him forget about the blood that was just taken.

Unfortunately they are the second rate china type of toy.

You see we don't get the good china toys here we get those ones that won't pass inspection in the states.

They are guaranteed to fall apart the next day. Sure enough they did and every possible piece fell apart, thankfully this toy was an exception and repairable.

Despite our fixes the lenses kept falling out. His favorite thing to do with his "potting cope" is to perch himself at the balcony window and greet all his friends and neighbors.

Well low and behold after countless warnings. He tipped his beloved binoculars out the window and a lens fell off onto the roof of the entrance.

He was an emotional mess. Hysterical would be a better word.

I called Marvin.

Calm was restored.

With the help of the van and a broom he now has binoculars with two lenses instead of one.

Dads are awesome.

They're also good a preventing future tears with just a tiny bit of super glue.

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