Monday, July 25, 2011

¾ of a year

I can hardly believe it; this little guy is getting so big before our eyes.

Already 9 months, how did that happen? Recently I've enjoyed some good snuggle time with him as I rock him to sleep at night, because I know my rocking chair days with him are limited.

But he's becoming such a fun and sweet baby. He's constantly on the go and we've officially entered the curiosity stage. I love watching his eyes light up when he's discovered that a drawer opens or that he can reach something. But man is it exhausting.

Micah's been cruising around the furniture like a pro and can get around surprisingly well doing that. I think this is his preferred mode of transportation right now, but he can crawl pretty fast too. This past month he also figured out how to stand independently. I know walking is coming quickly.

Again he was a super traveler. Thankfully he slept through most of our flight there and back home. He certainly didn't enjoy all that waiting at the airport and was ready to be set free in a space he could crawl around in.

His sleep habits were again random this month, but right before he hit 9 months he gave me a couple of nights of continuous sleep.

Micah's favorite toys have been a play skillet and a rubber spatula this past month. Peek-a-Boo still ranks right up there with one of the best. Games. ever.

 He's a little extrovert we think, he loves people, especially when he is the center of attention.

Although he still prefers his mama, and loves to crawl over and grab my legs any time I enter a room.

His big brother figured out how to pick him up, so that's been a bit frustrating for our little Micah, as it never comes at a time when he actually wants to be picked up.

Lastly he's weighing in at 21.6 #s this month and is 30 inches long.

I'm So thankful for this sweet boy!

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