Thursday, March 04, 2010

Week One of The Waiting Game

So it's been fun being back at our home away from home. This city is familiar to us, we feel comfortable getting around town, know where stuff is, even know a few shortcuts to get places, and bump into people we know. Unfortunately we still don't know much of the language, which really stinks. When you can't communicate it's rough. It may seem crazy but before our next trip here I'd like to learn a little more.

So far our first week here we've just settled in, done a little food shopping and visited IKEA and the shopping center near it. It's funny experiencing this city with a toddler, we're trying to keep him busy and not bored, and we're trying to do the same. I do think I have reached my mall limit already. It's just not as much fun to shop when the prices are ridiculous and you can't even entertain the thought of buying anything.

So just for fun I thought I'd make a list of a few things that have made our days recently more enjoyable!

  • The ferry docks! We only spent a few minutes there yesterday but Calvin loved every second of it we can't wait to go to our favorite dock and enjoy a beautiful morning, and probably even take a picnic lunch.
  • The WEATHER, hello spring oh how I missed you. We're enjoying the warmer weather and don't even mind the spring rain. Glad to say goodbye to the snow suit for a while.
  • Carrots. I know it sounds silly but they have taste, and boy are they tasty!
  • Playgrounds within walking distance. Calvin already knows where they are at and begs to go play every time we leave the building.
  • Friendly people, although I have no idea what they are saying, who just adore children.

So while we're waiting we hope to get out a little bit and enjoy the weather and the city. But this afternoon I better hit the books and study a bit. I have high goals while we are here and it looks like I have a long enough time to meet them.

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