Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Perfect book/movie weather

It's been raining here the last few days and a bit chilly too. We didn't pack well for this type of weather and I've been getting a lot of use out of the one sweater I brought. Since I was getting so much use out of it, I decided to buy another one. We're loving the sales right now on winter wear.

I devoured a book in one day and I was reminded why I don't read very often....I'm consumed by fiction books when I pick them up. Everything else around me just gets pushed aside till I finish the book, and I mean everything like eating and sleep. Unfortunately being a mom this doesn't go over too well, but it seems like we have nothing to do most of our days so I indulged myself and was enveloped in a book for a day.

Last week Marvin picked up several movies and it's been good to help the time pass. I just adored Julie and Julia, it was refreshing how a movie can show a husband in such a positive supportive light. However I wish they left out a little of the language, really wasn't necessary. Hate it when they do that.

We watched Precious the other night. Talk about a heavy movie. So heartbreaking to know that her story is many women's story. Sometimes it's easy to forget about the sin of our world, when it's not effecting you. I cannot imagine hearing such hateful things from your mother. It was painful to hear, can't imagine how much more painful it was to receive. It's got me thinking more and more about how I can interceed for those around us. Abuse is very common in the area we live in, I can't imagine how freeing truth is for women who've suffered years and years of such pain.

This week we also ventured out sans Calvin for a little date. It's always nice to be alone in the middle of the day, no intruptions, not constantly bombarded with questions like "what's that mama? what's her name?" And I got to hold Marvin's hand which makes me happy. We went to see Invictus. Another great movie and lots of great themes and stuff to talk about. I cannot imagine living in South Africa during this time period, talk about some serious healing that had to happen and is still needing to happen.

We're still waiting on paperwork so we can apply for our visas. This feeling of stuck is not new, just trying to get some study hours in during the week to feel a little productive. I had some moments this week where I was itchin to get back home, but for the most part just trying to be content in where Father has us right now. There are many positives to being in this city right now and we'll try to stay focused on those.

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