Thursday, March 04, 2010

Starting to figure these things out.

We've been working on potty training Calvin. For the most part we've had dry days. Recently I've been proud of him, when he catches himself having to go he'll stop and kind of waddles around to the toilet, sometimes a little has escaped. I think we're making progress!
Now here's my question for all you seasoned moms. Here's our current problem. Whenever he gets mad or we put in him in his room for timeout and he works himself up he almost always has an accident. Any thoughts on how to curb this or what we need to do? I'm pretty stumped on this one.


Terri said...

Boy...I wish I had a good answer for you!! I'll be watching this post to see what other moms say. The only thing I can think is to have him go potty on the way to timeout, but that seems like it might associate potty with punishment, which is not what you want. That's such a tough one!

Becky said...

Erica...I remember this predicament well. :0) I used to tell the boys that if they had to go potty, then they needed to tell me. After they had gone, they went back to the corner (our version of time out) and their time started over. It worked reasonably well -- especially because my guys were also good at using the potty as a way out of time out. (I think it was at that point that I instituted the rule where their time started over!) Best wishes!