Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh the madness

This is one of Marvin's favorite times of year. Basketball craziness is what I call it. This season starts out with State basketball. He's been following our nephew for the past 3 years and it's unbelievable they came up with another amazing state championship. That makes 4 State Championships in the last 2 years, basketball and football. Crazy huh! We're pretty proud of him to say the least, but Marvin was thankful that it was over, so his sleep could resume to a normal persons sleep pattern. No more waking up at 3:00 a.m. to listen to the games, but I think a few more games will lure him out of his sleep.

Now we are about to start his favorite part of basketball craziness, March madness. He gets so excited every year. Every year I tease him about how much thought he puts into his brackets, while I just fill them it out in less than 5 minutes. This year we both are rooting for our alma mater, K-State. Marvin's picked them to lose against West Virgina and I have them getting beat by Kentucky (I think) in the finals. Should be interesting.

Now what was so fun this year is we had Calvin fill out a bracket. Marvin showed him pictures of the mascots and he choose which team he wanted to win purely on his favorite out of the two choices. Some favorites of his were a pirate which we thought would win the whole thing based on how exited he is about pirates right now but apparently the pirate didn't have what it took to win of the whole thing. Georgetown and Georgia State were also favorites because of his love of Curious George. The choo choos of Purdue highly impressed him and his favorite team of all was........Lehigh. We were proud of his bold move, picking them over big bird as he calls KU (and we let him), but we didn't imagine he would have them going the whole way. We got such a kick out of it and he loved the game too. I wish I could upload a video we took but for some reason the country we are in doesn't allow it. A picture will have to do.

Happy Madness!!!

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The DeWeese Trio said...

Can I just say that I seriously laughed out loud about the big bird comments (and how you let him). I also have K-State being beat by Kentucky in the final game. Great minds (and K-Staters) think alike.