Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Sunday Date

Last weekend I took Calvin on a little date. We meandered to a playground where I used to push him around in his stroller as a baby to try and get him to take an afternoon nap. He actually got to enjoy it this time.

What I didn't factor in was how far it was from where we are staying. He was a trooper and walked most of the way there, uphill. I was very grateful for this because for some reason all 28 lbs. of him seem to be more solid now. The second we rounded the corner of the building that stands at the park entrance, his eyes got really big and this is what he said, "WHOOO WATER YEAH!! It was pretty sweet. He loved the water fountains and the bridges.

Since it took us a bit longer to get there we stopped for local food on the way home. Everyone is so sweet to children here. Our waiter even made sure Calvin got a juice that wasn't cold, for his health of course. What I didn't remember is how I don't care for lamb, so both Calvin and I barely touched our lunch. Marvin enjoyed our leftovers later. I was thankful I had some crackers in my bag that Calvin enjoyed while we waited.

The trip home was a bit longer, I almost thought about getting a taxi, but it was only 4 long blocks. But with a tired toddler and one big hill, it made for a long trip.
So I hope to have many more fun dates like this with my little man in the future, but hopefully better planned.

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