Saturday, February 13, 2010

Walk with Me

This week I ventured to the grocery store by myself. It's something I rarely do. I usually have a little guy walking alongside me, which makes the trip twice as long. I love the company but this time it was nice just to walk. As I was walking I realized how different my life is now, than one year ago.

A year ago I didn't have to walk on a solid sheet of ice all the way to the store. I wasn't thankful when it was freezing or did I appreciate the frozen mud, it makes the best shortcuts. I didn't have to find the best frozen ice to walk on, when it gets smooth it's DANGEROUS, I prefer the frozen slush, it gives your foot something to hold on to.

A year ago I didn't have calculate how much I could buy at the grocery store buy what I could carry in a couple bags.

A year ago I didn't have to worry about whether or not the store would have milk that wasn't expired. (PTL for shelf stable milk).

One year ago I didn't have to worry about giving the cashier a large bill, I knew she could break it. Here I get a nice little glare when I try to break a large bill, or don't give the exact change.

One year ago I did not get excited over finding real chicken nuggets at the closest grocery store.

One year ago I did not have my selection of about 15 brands of mayo.

One year ago I was wondering when we'd ever make it back to a place so heavy on my heart. It's good to be here.

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