Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A little Saturday morning excursion

We've seen signs up for this temporary aqua terrarium all over town, the last month. It's a traveling exhibit and set up camp in the lobby of a theatre in town. We'd talked about going, but we've always had something else we needed to do on Saturday. We weren't sure how Calvin would do. He loved every minute of it. We heard lots of "WHOO's" and "WOWs" and "What's that name". They even had a monkey and a hawk, yes I did say we went to an aqua terrarium, and no it doesn't make any since, but it was great entertainment.

They let the kids give the monkey a banana and Calvin's been talking about it ever since. And keeps trying to convince us to take him back.

The people working this little exhibition were great. They got certain snakes and lizards out and let the kids touch them. They even let the kids touch a little alligatorish thing, and yes I was nervous the entire time. Especially since Calvin decided to pick up the snake right at the head. The little boy next to him asked if he could hold another one, and the handler said "No it will eat you." This little boys face drew pretty somber all of a sudden, it was pretty funny.

Pretty sure this guy didn't have his jaws wired shut. Nice and I let my toddler touch it.
The boys checking out the snake that will "eat" you.

The highlight of the morning for Calvin was the other kids. There was one other family there and the boy decided he was going to show Calvin all the creepy crawlies. So he took him by the hand and led him to each aquarium, telling him the name of every thing they saw. Calvin was beaming the entire time. It was pretty special to watch. We do hope he has some good local friends sometime soon. He just loves playing, regardless of the language they are speaking.

We were pushing our limit with Calvin when we stopped for lunch. The bad thing about eating out here is that there are flat screen TVs at almost EVERY cafe and restaurant that play the most disgusting music videos. So the whole time we were waiting for our food Calvin desperately wanted to watch TV. I even brought his puzzles and coloring stuff, but he was just determined to watch TV. So I guess we will be bringing our food home with us from now on, it's just not worth the fight and not worth the images he takes in.

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