Friday, February 05, 2010

it was what it was...

This week has been one of those weeks, the kind where everything does not go as planned. We're not new to this, but it's never fun. The week just started off awful, I was battling a cold/sinus junk and our new nanny started. I could not for the life of me conjugate a verb to save my life. For example....I wanted to tell this, "Please take Calvin on a walk every day." Here's what I really said " Please Every Day We take Walking." Yes very eloquent. I just had a day where my brain did not function well in this language. It's completely humbling and frustrating when this happens.

Then the next day our nanny's mom calls and says she's sick and can't come, again the next day, and again the following day. So our day gets shuffled around and Marvin can't go to the office and he doesn't work well from home. (I'm pretty distracting and he never gets work done when I'm there because I just want to talk, and you add in that 2 year old distraction and well it makes it impossible to concentrate.)

There have been days this week where all I feel like I have done is discipline Calvin or teach him how to behave. It's exhausting. Don't even get me started about the battle we have EVERY time we go outside. It necessary to dress him in snow pants, and several layers, but he hates the marshmallow effect. So rather than fight him, we just let him stay home. I hate that.

I've been short with Marvin and Calvin lately. My tongue has been loose and I hate that.

I also broke my favorite spoon, silly but frustrating.

But I am so glad I have a God who knows my heart, knows when I'm struggling. One who I can seek forgiveness in, because let's face it I mess up a lot. sure it sweet. Thankful for a God who convicts my heart of selfishness, convicts me to be a better mom and sit down and play blocks rather than clean the bathroom. Learning is never easy but I'm glad I know the one who is the giver of wisdom because I desperately need it.

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Marie said...

I'm sorry about it all Erica. What spoon did you break?