Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One tired Brain

Since we’ve been here Marvin and I been exhausted by the time dinner rolls around. It’s exhausting thinking in a foreign language. I have absolutely no idea how on earth international students study on a collegiate level in ANOTHER language. I’m sure they are exhausted beyond my wildest imagination. But maybe they are just awesome.

Some are gifted in the language arena, I am not. This language in particular has lots to remember and my brain quite often jumbles it up.

One of my most dreaded things in this language is any to go verb, they have about 2 pages in the dictionary worth of to go verbs. For example I want to go by car I use one verb, if I want to go by walking I use another. If I usually do it and I am going like normal I use a different, and on and on it goes. Sheesh….I will get it eventually.

Don’t even get me started about changing the endings of words based on the part of speech. Remember diagramming sentences? Well every time I say something my brain diagrams it and I attempt, although very horribly to change the ending of each part of speech and by horribly I mean painfully slow and most of the time I get it wrong.

But I love me some adverbs! They never change! It’s like a breath of fresh air every time I use an adverb, which I try to do often. I call those my confidence boosters.

Now I’m about to finish my homework. I must work on giving direction. I cannot do this in English and NEVER know which direction is north, south, west, east, NEVER, so it should be fun.
So if anyone has any great language learning tips or a new brain for me I’d gladly accept them. And just so you don’t think I’m over exaggerating here’s a peek at my homework. Covered in red by my teacher. Nice, huh!
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