Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love It!

Marvin and I headed out last night on our first date since…..ummm October???? I think. It was much needed and we enjoyed a nice dinner in a café without anyone smoking and nasty music videos playing. We had a great time talking about our upcoming visa run. We’re excited to go back to the place where Calvin was born. Even more excited to see some good friends while we are there. We enjoyed a little walk down the main street. Things are much different at night; it’s something we’ve not done a lot. We did some pretty romantic things like browse through the bath and cleaning supply store. I guess only married people can enjoy a date picking out some new soap. We’ve entered a new era in our marriage I think.

We invited over some other ex-pats for a play date. Calvin loved having a few friends to play with and it was fun to get to chat with their moms. It’s like we have our own little MOPS group. We ate homemade heart pretzels. Painted and decorated hearts, read some books and had lots of laughs. It’s so nice to have other young moms in the same stage of life also living in a culture outside of your own.

When I came home Thursday from working out there was an advertisement for an electronic store in our mailbox. I loved to flip through the grocery adds in America. I know it’s weird, so I loved this little add. But as I was looking through the add I saw a microwave on sale for 20 dollars cheaper than what we were going to buy, and they gave us a coupon for 5.00 off our next purchase. Yes I did say coupon, I was slightly excited since we need to buy a vacuum sometime soon, which are also on sale, sweet!

I also love creating with Calvin. This week we made some fun valentines. I found the idea at one of my favorite blogs, MADE. They were the perfect project and he hung on and painted every heart. He loved it even more when we filled them with M&Ms. It was almost comical watching him try to resist eating the M&Ms. This is how it went, drop a few in eat a few, try his hardest not to eat any and just stared at the M&Ms. Willpower is tough stuff.

Love this family Father has given me. They're pretty special.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Sherry said...

yeah for date nights! nothing better than a little one on one time.

Your hair looks cute!

Erica said...

Umm the new hairstyle is what I call winter hair, smooshed from hats, but glad you like it. It's an easy style to come by here.