Monday, March 23, 2009

Lovin' It

I've been having so much fun creating recently. Here are some of my projects that are finished! Hooray, finishing stuff feels so great, who knew?!

This is a busy book I made for Calvin, the inside has a Velcro road & car storage, matching cars, a lift the flap page & removable street signs that snap back on. It was a lot of work and last minute I decided to add the batting, and I had to rip out my seams more times than I care to mention, but it's done. This one is going in his Easter Basket.

Covered Wipes Case. Well Calvin broke the top part a couple of weeks ago, but it was still functional, the top of the wipes part would just fall off. But it works perfectly for this project because you cover up that little part, I just glued it shut. Now I have a fun wipes case, thanks Calvin for giving me an excuse to make one.

Slippers! These are my favorite thing I have sewed recently. I have 4 pairs made so far, 0-6 months. I hope to make a few more but in bigger sizes. These are too fun and I can use up my left over fabric, how perfect. I'll probably sell these for $10-12, I need to do the math on the fabric first.
I hope to set up my Etsy shop sometime next week. This week I need to finish my inventory and take some good pictures, come up with a name and a logo. I hope to post some of my ideas later this week, and I'd love some feedback. Once my Etsy shop is up and running, I'm going to have a give-a-way at my new blog, Effortless Savings, I'll definitely let you know when that is.

Now my new love, Uppercase living! I'm hooked that's for sure. The possibilities are endless, they basically sell stickers that you can adhere to your walls and about anything else. You can custom design things too. The only hard part is deciding because there are so many things you can do. Thanks April & Janae for introducing me to my new favorite thing.
It was fun hearing what you guys have been creating! Stay inspired!


Sherry said...

you could totally charge more than $10-12 for the slippers! Those are SO SO precious. If you come up with a boy pattern, let me know, I want me some of those.:)

The DeWeese Trio said...

Oh my goodness, I love the slippers! They are even cuter than you described! Glad you love UL too!