Thursday, March 19, 2009

Buckets of Fun

As I was getting ready for bed Tuesday night I noticed this in our bathroom. Now this isn't an odd occurrence, because Calvin loves to carry all of his toys to all parts of our house, but there was something about this bucket that warmed my heart. You see carrying around a bucket that contains all sorts of random goodies, just about tops his day. It's simple and sweet. I love the look on his face when I ask him what is in his bucket and he looks down in amazement at what he has gathered. He smiles as we unpack his goodies and I too am excited about what he has collected. I usually say something like, "Wow Calvin, you've found some very special things, what are you going to do with them?" To him they are special and he loves showing me what he has found. Maybe I need to take a little hint from my toddler and start appreciating things I often view as a chaotic mess.

Yesterday I looked around after I put Calvin down for his nap and oh my stars was our house a mess. I'm not joking it was a MESS! I had dishes waiting to be washed, a full dishwasher with clean dishes waiting to be put away, a stack of things to be filed, tons of advertisements cluttering our desk, my table looked like my sewing things exploded, I still hadn't finished the laundry I started on Monday and the kitchen floor needed to yet again be swept and mopped. Part of me felt like I was failing as a stay at home mom, because this is my job. So I stepped back and took it all in and I had to smile because what did I see? Another bucket filled with treasures, seriously I did. And I was thankful God opened my eyes to see the blessing of a mess, a busy family trying to enjoy each other and the talents he has given us. Wow my bucket is overflowing with sweet treasures from above. (And yes I did tidy up a bit but this time I decided to clean while listening to Rita Springer, I never thought cleaning could be a worshipful experience till now.)

So go ahead enjoy the bucket God has given you today, even if it does look a bit messy.

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Jessica said...

Erica ~ Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is a great post! And I will be checking out your "Effortless Savings" blog too. Blessings!